Optoma's latest projector - the UHD51A - has Amazon's voice assistant technology (AKA Alexa) built into it, it's the first home theatre projector to feature native Alexa compatibility.

Optoma Alexa Cinema Projector

It will go on sale for just under $2000 in April for $1,700 and can be directly controlled via Amazons Echo, Dot or Fire range of Alexa voice command home technologies.  Simply install the Optoma skill to your Alexa and you can speak directly to your projector.

Optoma's Projector

For example you will be able to say "Alexa, Turn on/turn off the projector" and
"Alexa, Change input to HDMI 2".  Because it''s built in natively you don't have to fiddle around by saying "Alexa, Ask Optoma to xxxx".

Now onto a bugbear of mine, they are marketing this as a 4k projector - It's not.  It can achieve an almost 4k like image by a "Pixel Shift Upscaling Engine" which is likely to be some sort of wobulation technology.  Basically it paints the picture in 2 or more runs, it's not real 4k.